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Our Work in Pakistan

Devolution of Power & Civil Society

Inclusive political institutions and processes of public deliberation lay the foundations of democratic culture. The process of devolution of power was re-initiated with the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan in 2010, resulting in devolution of 17 federal ministries to the provincial levels (44 subjects). Another key element of a democratic political structure is a functioning system of Local Governance. Keeping the importance of media and and the citizen’s right to information in view, FES aims at connecting these two broader topics for next few years. 


Understanding the Social Contract of Pakistan

In Pakistan, after more than 6 years since the return of “democracy” and the widely lauded “first democratic transition” in the form of parliamentary elections in 2013, a certain resignation about the quality of democratic governance has been spreading. But how do we understand the relation between the state – with its postcolonial institutional setup and its structural weaknesses – and its citizens ?



Social Justice & Trade Unions

FES, with its roots and history in striving for social justice, considers independent workers organisations and trade unions as among its conventional and closest cooperation partner both at national and international levels for the promotion of workers’ rights as enshrined in the national and international constitution, laws and conventions.


Building the Economy of Tomorrow

In the wake of economic, ecological and social challenges across countries and continents, a consensus is building for the need of new models to lead societies onto a path of sustainable economic growth


Reinforcing Peace and Security

South Asia is one of the most volatile regions in the world. The conflict in Afghanistan contributes to further destabilization of the region, preventing lasting peace and development. The German engagement as part of the ISAF, working towards peace and security, is a key objective of the work of FES in Afghanistan.

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