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Contact for Devolution of Power & Civil Society

Sidra Saeed
Programme Officer


Devolution of Power & Civil Society

Inclusive political institutions and processes of public deliberation lay the foundations of democratic culture. The process of devolution of power was re-initiated with the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan in 2010, resulting in devolution of 17 federal ministries to the provincial levels (44 subjects). Another key element of a democratic political structure is a functioning system of Local Governance. Keeping the importance of media and and the citizen’s right to information in view, FES aims at connecting these two broader topics for next few years. FES believes that strengthening civil society coalitions is crucial in order to deepen the processes of devolution of power.

Currently, the focus of FES Pakistan under this working line is manifested the following activities:

  • Series of seminars based on Recommendations by the Media Commission   appointed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on reforms of media sector
  •  Training of journalists on local government issues and key concepts
  • Supporting institutional mechanisms for building up an accountable and       transparent local government system in Pakistan