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Reinforcing Peace and Security

FES provincial launch of the joint Declaration on Regional Peace and Stability of Afghanistan Region; Beyond 2014, 03.04.2014, Peshawar, KPK, 

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FES Report on Islamabad Joint Declaration Launch on Regional Peace and Stability

The FES' post-event report on joint decalaration launch on regional peace and stability of Afghnistan Region; Beyond 2014 is out now. This report also includes Annuexures that show up links of related articles, talk show and press briefs. The report can be accesed from link below:

Report: Islamabad Joint Declaration Launch on regional peace & stability

The video documentary on Pakistan Launch of Joint Declaration can be watched Here

Pakistan Launch of the Joint Declaration on Regional Peace and Stability, 15.01.2014

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) initiated in 2012 its regional project “Envisioning a Secure and Independent Afghanistan Post 2014: Perspectives and Strategies for Constructive Conflict Resolution from the Neighbourhood” to facilitate national and regional discussions for shaping policy recommendations designed to support a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. 

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Seminar on Peace and Stability in Afghanistan's Region:2014 & Beyond, 16.01.2014

To develop policy recommendations for supporting a peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung established country policy groups of around 60 multidisciplinary experts, former officials and specialists from Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan who announced their Joint Declaration on Regional Peace and Stability in Afghanistan Region -2014 and Beyond in Istanbul in November 2013. Based on common objectives and shared interests, the Declaration presents a joint narrative and postulates a set of recommendations, together with an outlook of their possible future implementation and monitoring with the aim of successfully rendering Afghanistan’s 2014 transition during the ensuing 2014 – 2024 Decade of Transformation. The seminar will deliberate the recommendations of the Declaration.

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Regional Declaration on Afghanistan’s Peace and Stability Launched

The first product of its kind, this declaration is the result of a unique process wherein experts from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, the Central Asian Republics,India & China jointly deliberated priorities and recommendations to be conveyed to their respective governments and decision-makers. The Declaration contains innovative, practical and far-reaching recommendations for regional cooperation. Click here for the PDF version of the Joint Declaration on Regional Peace and Stability. 

India-Pakistan Peace Process: Resumption of Dialogue

As part of FES' effort for the regional cooperation and peace, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung organized a conference titled “India-Pakistan Peace Process: Resumption of Dialogue” within the framework of the FES regional project. The conference was held from October 27-29, 2013 in Dubai, UAE. Where the distinguished political leaders, retired military officials, retired bureaucrats, ex-ambassadors, media personals, water experts and civil society activists from both India and Pakistan participated.

View the picture gallery of the Indo-Pak Peace Process Here

Improving peaceful relationships through trust-building Track II dialogues in Afghanistan’s Neighbourhood

South Asia is one of the most volatile regions in the world. The conflict in Afghanistan contributes to further destabilization of the region, preventing lasting peace and development. The German engagement as part of the ISAF, working towards peace and security, is a key objective of the work of FES in Afghanistan. Through its regional project “Envisioning a Secure and Independent Afghanistan Post 2014 – Perspectives and Strategies for Constructive Conflict Resolution from the Neighbourhood”, FES aims at generating national and regional policy recommendations, focusing on the transitional period and thereby ensuring a peaceful Afghanistan from the perspective of all neighbouring states.

As part of this initiative, FES supports regional cooperation and the building of mutual trust among key figures from politics and civil society in Afghanistan and its neighbouring countries by means of facilitating inter-regional Track II dialogues, contributing to policy proposals that aim at easing political tensions in a conflict-ridden region.

Towards this goal, FES has established a regional network of influential experts and representatives from Afghanistan, Central Asia, China, India and Pakistan exchanging views and visions for the post 2014-region. The Policy Groups engage in inter-regional Track II dialogues with experts from China, Iran, Russia and Turkey on aspects of peace, stability and economic development in Afghanistan, thereby creating “communication channels” in the region.

The results of these dialogues are communicated as policy briefs to decision-makers, media and civil society in the concerned countries, the region as well as in international policy-making circles in Germany and within the European Union.

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