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Contact for Understanding the Social Contract of Pakistan work

Abdullah Dayo
Programme Officer


Understanding the Social Contract of Pakistan

In Pakistan, after more than 6 years since the return of “democracy” and the widely lauded “first democratic transition” in the form of parliamentary elections in 2013, a certain resignation about the quality of democratic governance has been spreading. But how do we understand the relation between the state – with its postcolonial institutional setup and its structural weaknesses – and its citizens? How do we conceptualize the immense social changes and the rapid process of urbanization that might be leading to the emergence of a “new urban, middle class”? Which impact do those developments and the changes of power relationship have on the political culture of the country? Instead of working with certain assumptions, instead of drawing premature conclusions, we wanted to engage in a process of sharing doubts and debating questions that go beyond the day-to-day political and development routines.

In this context, FES has started a new project in 2014 called “Understanding the Social Contract of Pakistan” where we have created a “Working Group on Social Contract”. FES provides a platform for a diverse range of representatives from academia, media and civil society for an interactive process, attempting at developing reform proposals for a new social contract.