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Information on Pakistan

Pakistan is strategically located at the crossroads of South and Central Asia and the Middle East. It is struggling to gain international reputation and a better image and striving for becoming a modern and tolerant Islamic society. While being under a military-dominated government promoting the devolution of power and stressing the importance of grass-root democracy, women's rights, media freedom, reduction of poverty and accountability, the country is frequently facing internal conflicts between sectarian Muslims, ethnic and social groups which are often exploited by militant religious movements and splinter parties.

With a tremendous need of investment both domestically and from abroad and, an intolerable illiteracy rate and an underdeveloped educational system it is at the same time spending over 80 per cent of its national budget for servicing debts and maintaining its military forces. A pocket society with conservative groups praising medieval traditions living next to progressive and highly globalised elites and intellectuals and poverty-struck masses vegetating at the doorstep of away at the doorsteps of enormously wealthy land and business owners, Pakistan has a good deal of disappointed people with lack of confidence in the future, is facing ongoing braindrain and birth-rates that double the population within less than thirty years.

Excellent thinkers, hard-working civil society organisations and government institutions sometimes more progressive than the society, political parties in the hands of a few and insufficient inner-party democracy, a weak and patriarchal labour movement on the one hand and successful initiatives of workers-employers cooperation on the other provide the challenges and opportunities for development initiatives in Pakistan. For more info on Pakistan, visit Lonely Planet.