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Parliamentary democracy, the protection of human rights, a free press, the separation of powers, and a soundly-based rule of law are not simply western values and principles but shared by the democratic forces in Asia including Pakistan as well. The FES therefore promotes programmes and activities aimed at establishing and strengthening civil society and reinforcing democratic government institutions. Special emphasis is put on contributing to a constructive discussion of conflictive issues and a peaceful settlement of disputes between different interest groups in the society. The Foundation wants to build bridges between the civil society and the powers of the state.

The Foundation works with legislators, government institutions and highly committed civil society and the media to support Pakistan's transition to democracy by facilitating increased political participation. FES assisted highly committed civil society groups and institutions to monitor the political process critically and established a dialogue between political parties and the general public. It joined hands with women organisations to address gender issues and especially the political participation of women. A Young Professionals Network created by FES aims at empowering highly committed youth from disadvantaged areas to play an active role in contributing to the political or social development of their country.